Personal Training


Why Personal Training?

  • One-on-One attention for your personal fitness
  • Provides motivation, guidance and structure
  • Unique and creative workouts
  • Mix it up with functional training
  • Teaching you exercises rather than showing you exercises
  • Nutritional and lifestyle tips

Fitness Factory


  • Individualized Personal training: Our Elite team of professionals are dedicated to creating a unique Exercise and Nutrition program built to accomplish and exceed your health and fitness goals.
  • Small Group Training (SGT): Equipped with Matrix MX4 and Focusmaster boxing our SGT program can not be beat. We offer MyZone heart rate monitoring system as well so you can see exactly what you are burning during class.
  • Coaching Program: Work one on one with a trainer for a fraction of the price as traditional personal training. Learn what to do during a one hour workout and then get weekly assignments for the rest of the month. Your trainer is with you every step of the way even though there is very little one on one training.


Phase 1:
"Fundamentals are learned and Conquered"
  • Months 1-3
  • Basic movements are learned
  • Energy Levels increase
  • Overall health improves
  • Trainer is confident to integrate more complex exercises
Phase 2:
"Putting the tools to good use"
  • Months 3-6
  • Intensity levels are increased
  • Dynamic movements are introduced
  • First real result is obtained (Weight loss, Strength gain)
  • Phase 3 is in our sights
Phase 3:
"Smooth Sailing"
  • Months 6-9
  • Dynamic exercises are now mastered
  • Endurance for max intensity has been reached
  • Trainer is confident to push client above and beyond
  • Original goal is reached, new ones are established


Food and Exercise Tracking
  • Access to food database
  • Track calories burned in customizable activity log
  • Monitor weight, stress, energy levels and fitness evaluation results on a day to day, week to week or month to month basis using your customizable journal entries
  • Chart progress through individualized fitness evaluations
Access to Comprehensive Exercise Library
  • Browse thousands of exercises based on muscle groups
  • View educational photos, videos and descriptions of exercises and their progressions
Browse Hundreds of Health and Fitness Articles
  • Learn from experts across the country about the subject matter of your choice
  • Bookmark and receive book marked articles that you or your trainer find important to your success

Fitness Factory


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521 River Road
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Phone: 201-945-0900201-945-0900
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