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Injury Prevention Evaluations
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Pro Health Sports and Wellness Center

Affiliate of Denville Medical and Sports Rehabilitation Center

Fitness FactoryRisk of injury in athletes is on the rise due to various problems like muscle imbalances, over training, technique errors etc. At Pro Health whether you have an injury that is acute or recurs every season, we will put you back on track to excel in your favorite sport or workout. After an evaluation to determine the areas that need improvement, each person has a training program developed and tailored especially for him or her. These include speed, agility and strength training to correct imbalances.

Fitness Factory

Fitness Factory

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From The Desk of Dr. David Barrett, DC-CCSP

Dr. David Barrett

Throughout the United States "team doctors" are used for all sports; professional, amateur, weekend warriors as well as elementary, middle, and senior high schools. With sports, our doctors help keep the athlete on the field, in the gym, back to work, or in school. At Pro Health Sports & Wellness Center, we help stop minor injuries from becoming major ones without the use of drugs or surgery unless absolutely necessary, at which time our medical staff can initiate care.  

Let us not forget the people who regularly perform aerobic workouts like Cross Fit, Personal Training, Spin Classes, Weight Lifting, Yoga, Zumba, and Running. Exercise workouts are much more effective when the body is balanced. "Getting in Shape" or "Losing Weight" should always include the Pro Health Team. Medical Doctors to treat acute and chronic injuries with additional care when needed, Physical Therapists to treat the soft tissue injuries, Chiropractors to correct and balance the spine and related extremities, Acupuncturists to relive pain and reduce inflammation, Massage Therapists to relive muscle tension, and a Certified Health Coach to get you on track with proper nutrition.

Do you see, when lifting weights, that one arm is weaker than the other? When you run, do you find that your legs begin to hurt after a short amount of time or that your muscles begin to cramp? Have you lost range of motion in your arms, legs, shoulders, neck or back? The big question, do you experience pain while working out? All of these and many other symptoms are not normal, and can increase in severity at any time. Some injuries have no symptoms at all and can have a major impact on your life.

If you do or don’t have symptom, stop into Pro Health. The Doctor there will perform a free evaluation and consultation to diagnose your problem and explain to you your options. Remember the Free evaluation and consultation are complimentary with your membership and are extended to your family members.

DenvilleMedical & Sports Rehabilitation Center

Fitness Factory

The Doctors and Therapist at Denville Medical & Sports Rehabilitation Center work together as partners in Pain Relief and Rehabilitation. Many Physical Medicine patients seek care because of the pain that they experience in their back, neck, joints or extremities. Yet most patients don’t realize the positive effects Physical Medicine can have on their entire body. Nerve flow (information that originates from the brain, travels through the spinal cord to every organ and tissue in the body. Interruptions in this communication line (often appearing as misalignments in the spine) can result in malfunction and eventually disease. Restoring nerve flow (by correcting skeletal misalignments) feeds the tissues and organs with vital nutrients and information for proper function, which enables the body to again heal itself. Our staff of doctors thoroughly understand and practice the above concept and strive to provide our patients with the highest quality care.


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521 River Road
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Phone: 201-945-0900201-945-0900
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