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Department Mission Statement
Every single person has the ability to accomplish their goals in the gym; it is simply a matter of unlocking that potential. I will always make it my duty to not only become the key to the goals of each of my unique clients, but to endure the journey with them.

Why Personal Training?

Fitness Factory using the Club Ready software.

Direction – Motivation – Education

What makes PT at
Fitness Factory Unique?

One of the greatest assets utilized by our trainers is our unique functional training stations. These stations provide the client and the trainer endless variations of workouts for all fitness levels. Providing traditional bodyweight training mixed with the latest in functional strength training exercises.

Personalized Program Design

Our Elite team of professionals are dedicated to creating a unique Exercise and Nutrition program built to accomplish and exceed your health and fitness goals

Phase 1

Fundamentals are learned and Conquered

Months 1-3

Phase 2

Putting the tools
to good use

Months 3-6

Phase 3

Smooth Sailing

Months 6-9

Club Ready: The Fitness and Nutrition Tracking Software

Food and Exercise Tracking

Access to Comprehensive Exercise Library

Browse Hundreds of Health and Fitness Articles

Fitness Factory
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